Sapor Weekly Specials

Every day there is a special at Sapor to return affordable dining out to Port Angeles!

  • Sunday

    Sapor Celebrates Families on Sundays—2 People for only $25 all night.  Your choice of a Sapor salad with our house-made dressings for two with either a meatloaf dinner, a meaty marinara and pasta (DF), or a char-grilled vegetable on vegan linguini (DF, PB) for two.

  • Monday

    In the Bistro from opening to 7pm, a large order of our potato puffs and one of our Sapor special Trap Door Clib libations for only $18.

  • Tuesday

    In the bistro from opening until 7pm, our super meaty Dungeness crab cakes -- a local favorite -- and a glass of wine or beer for $20.

  • Wednesday

    Celebrating the benefits of plant-based food, it's Vegan and Vegetarian Night all night at Sapor! Twenty percent off our extensive array of vegan and vegetarian options anywhere in the restaurant.

  • Thursday

    In the Bistro from opening unti 7pm it's three of of our lime-harissa shrimp tacos and nachos with a beer or wine for only $15.

  • Friday

    Fridays as they were meant to be! In the Bistro from opening until 7pm its steakhouse bacon cheeseburger night (including a plant-based option), fries, and a beer for only $15.

  • Saturday

    In the Bistro from opening until 7pm it's Date Night with our Bistro Steak, fries, and a glass of wine or beer for only $20.

    Saturday is also Prime Rib Special night at Saport in our romantic main dining room. Sixteen ounces of classic prime rib served with horseradish, au jus, baked potato, and today's vegetable for only $58.

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