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At the center of all civilization, culture, and community, there is the grape, the grain, the plate, and the relationship. Hosts and guests engage and negotiate, chill and thrill, bond, break bread, and celebrate over a simple dish or an elaborate meal. They toast togetherness, milestones, and the future with a cocktail or a glass of Cabernet.
The art de la cuisine team at Sapor invites you to sit, sample, and share as we prepare for you the freshest seafood and seasonal offerings our local Olympic Peninsula seafarers and farmers provide. We ask you to linger longer over our signature wine and cocktail list, which we curate and craft specifically to tease and appease the Pacific Northwest palate.


Whichever dining experience you choose, we welcome you unwind and savor all that our wild seas, our rugged mountains, and our fertile valleys supply.
Sapor, savor, sapere: taste, try, come to know… and make memories with us here.


At Sapor, we blend enthusiasm for Port Angeles’ ongoing growth with the recognition that we are part of a long story set in a small town nestled in the most majestic of settings. Bowing to the architectural history of our downtown district, our 2019 design team chose to renovate to highlight the differences between our front and back rooms. Offering what we like to call our “twin dining experiences,” guests can either gather in our alley-level bright, funky, and casual French-style bistro; or, they can enter streetside, where a staircase leads them to the Port Angeles underground and one of our warm, romantic, and dare we say sexy velveteen nooks.

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